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QA is the best in class "Executive Consultancy" in Turkish Business Market. Our Services include:

- Keynote Lectures, Conferences

- Strategic Coaching

- 1 To 1 Coaching

- Trainings (Sales, Business Excellence, Development)

- Strategic Consultancy on Start - Up

- Establish a Local Affiliate

- Orchestrating Organisation / Re-organisation

- Translation Services

- Editorial support


A senior executive on innovation, branding and leadership. Ozan has gathered extensive experience on strategic consultancy, marketing hints and alternative approach during his 20 years of background. Not only he has conducted many successful launches, new projects and established many departments, he also shares his experience as a writer in business journals and lectures. He has published many articles on professional business life for the last decade. Ozan lectures as an instructor in Universities on  Marketing,  Branding, Innovation & Communication. He is also the also the Expert Rating Certified Professional Coach.Dr.



Batigun has started his professional career in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as Medical Manager in year 2000. Having worked in various therapeutic areas he has been transferred to Abbott as scientific support manager in marketing department. Following a 6 years of experience in scientific cookshop of pharma companies, he has changed his way to senior product management in Eczacıbaşı – Baxter pharmaceuticals. He has established the first pharmacoeconomics department of Turkish Pharma Industry at Roche in 2006. Following this structural know how he has taken the launch responsibility of UCB Pharma Biologic products in marketing department. In 2008 he has established the medical department of TEVA Turkey and worked as Head of Medical Department, however he has also acted as interim head of marketing. Following this experience Ozan has jumped on a new era and became the head of ZeinCRO in Turkey. Since 2012 he has founded his own company and currently works as the general manager of QA Executive Consultancy. Accumulating the tips of local and multinational companies with a management team function and being a contributor of business environment since 1997, he is a comprehensive expert. His previous experience in marketing, medical, regulatory, clinical trials, sales, project management and general management almost covers all the aspects.

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